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Ever wanted to install your own solar photovoltaic (PV) system? Do you want a reliable power supply that is independent of your electricity retailer? Want to generate your own free electricity? If so, you have come to the right place.

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Anyone with a good understanding of electronics will be able to easily implement their own system.

Forget the politics - just do it yourself!

With the ever looming Carbon TaxTM, indecision of the government and complicated rebate schemes, it is high time that homeowners (who are technically adept) take charge of their own energy situation with a bit of good old fashioned DIY.

Not only can it be cheaper, it can be also be a lot of fun designing and installing your own solar power system. And you can start small - which means it is very affordable.


01 Sept 2011. Until now, Victorians who have a grid-feed solar PV system enjoyed the benefit of a 60 cent-per-kilowatt premium feed in tarriff. But now, the Bailleu government plans to reduce the rate to 25 cents after September 30 for PV installations after that date. Customers who are currently on the 60 cent per kilowatt rate will continue to receive the premium rate.

The move comes as poorer households are increasingly being subject rising electricity prices. The premium feed-in-tarrif rates have been subsidised by higher electricity prices, often disadvantaging those who cannot afford a solar PV system. Elegibility for the premium rate was also limited to the first 100 megawatts of installed PV systems in Victoria - a figure that is now almost reached or surpassed.

In addition, imports of cheap solar PV equipment has pushed prices down significantly over the past two years, such that the cost of a typical solar PV system is halved.

The decreased feed-in-rates are also causing alarm amongst solar PV installation companies and suppliers. A british-based company, who were orginally going to expand in Victoria, have put their plans on hold, along with the potential to create hundreds of new jobs in the state.

A similar move by the NSW government, slashing their FIT rate to 40 cents per kilowatt, caused the solar industry to slump. The same is set to occur in Victoria when the new 25 cent rate applies.