As with any other systems involving high voltages, a solar PV system and its associated storage batteries must be given the due care it deserves. Inverters transform the relatively safe 12 volts into 240 volts AC which can easily kill. Storage batteries can deliver thousands of amps of current if accidentaly short circuited, causing severe burns and the potential to start a fire rapidly.

Care must also be taken when installing PV panels on the roof. Falls from a four meter high roof can lead to severe injury and even paralysis should your spine or neck be broken.

Any work that involves installing or modifying any mains wiring in buildings must be performed by a licenced electrician. In Australia, it is illegal to perform work on fixed mains electrical wiring without a licence, even if it is your own home.

Potential Risks

As always - when in doubt, call in the professionals. Your personal safety and wellbeing is worth far more than a cheap DIY renewable energy system.